Mott 32’s Restaurant Philosophy

Mott 32 is named after 32 Mott Street in New York. 32 Mott Street was NYC’s first Chinese convenience store, which opened in 1851, and was the nucleus for what is now a vibrant Chinatown in one of the most dynamic cities in the World. Mott 32 is a celebration of Hong Kong culture and cuisine, which thanks to the bravery of families, such as those who left Hong Kong in 1851 to open 32 Mott St., is now a global food phenomenon. Today, patrons from Doha to London crave dim sum and Cantonese cooking. We are proud to be part of that.Mott 32 represents modern Hong Kong. We believe strongly in the core principles of farm-to-table cooking. The provenance of the ingredients is very important to us. Mott 32 is an attempt to shift the focus back onto ingredients and recipes passed down from generation-to-generation. We embrace flavours and ingredients from around the world and deliver them as home cooking should be presented, in a more rustic and honest way. After all China is one of the largest farming nations in the world…
Our cooking is principally Cantonese with some signature Sichuan and Beijing dishes. Our custom industrial duck oven and special air-drying duck fridge is a central feature of the restaurant. We roast ducks both in the Cantonese and Beijing method with our Peking Duck only available for dinner and by pre order only.Mott 32 is a design collaboration between Maximal Concepts & Joyce Wang. Maximal Concepts is a Hong Kong company well known for their awarded restaurants such as Brickhouse and Blue Butcher. Joyce Wang is arguably one the most exciting architects in Hong Kong reflected in her recent awarding of “Wave of the Future 2014” – an award for designers who are considered accomplished internationally, but young enough to be considered visionary.
We pair our cooking with innovative cocktails and an extensive sake and global wine collection. Our hope is that you will feel at home in Mott 32, enjoying farm to table cooking in a vibrant atmosphere that reflects the energy, creativity and passion of Hong Kong.
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